16th June 2019 - 4D Gel Plastellin Summer Designs with Gemma Lambert-Lewis

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Come and join us at our HQ in Bridgwater, Somerset on Sunday, 16th June 2019 for an awesome day of Artisan 4D Gel Summer Designs training with the multi-award winning, and founder/owner of The Nail Team, nail superstar Gemma Lambert-Lewis.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sculpt with 4D gels like Gemma Lambert-Lewis does? Well, now you can. 

In this class, Gemma will be showing you how you can achieve amazing results and produce the same designs as in the product picture.

  • Simple plastaline and art gel designs
  • Layering and mixing 4D gels
  • Marbling 4D gel
  • Using Artisan painting gels to add more depth
  • Then creating more extreme 3D with 4d gel

Kit required:

  • Artisan 4D gels (some will be available on the day to use)
  • 3d Sculpting brush or Silicone tools.
  • Artisan painting gels (some will be available on the day to use)
  • Nailchemy 8mm detailer brush (or equivalent)
  • Nailchemy 5mm/one stroke duo brush (or equivalent)

Other equipment:

  • Nailchemy gel polish colours (provided for use on the day)
  • Nail tips (provided for use on the day)
  • Lamps and other equipment (provided for use on the day)

    Times and other useful info:

    • 10 am until 4 pm (Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time)
    • Light refreshments will be made available.
    • Full address: 40 Market Street, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3EP