2nd June 2019 - Disney® Character Nail Art - with Amanda Hawtree-Taft

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Come and join us at our HQ in Bridgwater, Somerset on Sunday, 2nd June 2019 for an awesome day of Disney® Character Nail Art training with the awesome Amanda Hawtree-Taft.

Would you like to know how to make your favourite Disney Classic Characters come to life using just gel polishes?

In this class, Amanda will be showing you how you can achieve amazing results. She will cover composition theory, how to scale and draw your character, colour theory and blending, how to paint with gel polishes, shading and layering techniques plus how to effectively contour your designs. She’ll also show you some hints and tricks along the way.

Brushes required:

  • Detailing brush (CN 0 short of mini 0 or equivalent )
  • Gel painting brush big (CN phantom or equivalent )
  • Gel painting brush small (CN art design or equivalent )

Other equipment:

  • Nailchemy gel polish colours (provided for use on the day)
  • Nail tips (provided for use on the day)
  • Lamps and other equipment (provided for use on the day)

    Times and other useful info:

    • 10 am until 4 pm (Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time)
    • Light refreshments will be made available.
    • Full address: 40 Market Street, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3EP