5mm #0 Fine - no.4 one stroke combo brush

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5mm #0 Fine detailer brush & no.4 One-stroke brush all in one handy combo.

Our high quality, 5mm #0 Fine detailer, nail art brush is the perfect tool for really detailed artwork and those intricate designs and will help every budding nail artist to draw fine, crisp lines, perfect for tiny nail canvases.

The weight of the brush makes it feel like you are holding a pen and the 5mm length of the bristles allow for ultra-fine detailed precision. 

The no.4 one-stroke brush is an essential brush it is specifically designed to help with one-stroke nail art with its tapered design and works especially well to help create french designs and cut them into a crisp line.

This combo brush is a must for every nail artist.

100% synthetic bristles.

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