ONLINE Aura Encapsulation Workshop - with Sam

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Nailchemy Aura Encapsulation Workshop
In this workshop I will be showing you how to encapsulate different items in to Aura Acrylic-Gel.
We will cover the use of water sliders, angel paper, skeleton leaves, netting, and glitter to produce a set of 5 encapsulated nails tips
Please note this course doesn’t teach you how to use Aura, you will need to have experience of using the product in order to complete the workshop.
Kit List Gloves Couch roll 5x White display tips (buffed) Aura Acrylic-Gel in natural clear. (If using clear or natural tips you will need a coloured Aura for your wet layer) Aura brush Slip solution and dappen dish Nailchemy LED lamp 100/180 file Cleanser Lint-Free wipes Small pot of water Triangle tray Tweezers Fine ended scissors Pointy silicon tool Cuticle pusher Non-Wipe topcoat
Items to encapsulate: Your choice of water slider/water decal Your choice of angel paper Your choice of netting A skeleton leaf Your choice of glitter
I look forward to seeing your creations!
Sam x