Bridal Collection - Soak Off Gel Polish - Full Set 15ml

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Nailchemy Bridal Gel Polish Collection

Our Bridal gel polish collection is made up of 8 beautiful complementary colours that will be a massive hit with your clients.

A combination of super popular nude colours with a rose gold glitter and your traditional pink and white, everything you need this spring and beyond.

The Bridal Gel Polish Collection contains:

  • Fairytales - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml
  • Garter - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml
  • Union - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml
  • Blushing - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml
  • RSVP - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml
  • Bouquet - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml
  • Corsage - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml
  • Handfasting - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml

With amazing adhesion and self-levelling properties, you can apply Bridal Collection gel polish colours for the perfect finish.

  • Nailchemy® Bridal Gel Polish will last up to 3 weeks to help promote healthy and strong natural nails.
  • Flexible and strong.
  • Soaking off is easy and fast and can be achieved in just 5-10 minutes helping to keep appointment time averages down for greater profitability.
  • Cool cure formula for reduced heat spikes.
  • Cures in just 30 seconds (LED-UV Lamp)
  • Made in USA.