Cassiopeia Mixing Glitter

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Our Cassiopeia Mixing Glitter is named after the constellation "Cassiopeia" and is an amazing iridescent multi-colour 0.40 hex glitter with hues of pink and gold shifting through it. This would be great to use on its own or mixed with another colour to create a really special effect. 

Glitter Size: Medium .040 hex

Glitter Colour: Iridescent White Multi-Colour

Jar Size: 5g

All of our 10g/5g glitters are supplied in bottles/jars, but the glitter may not quite fill the bottle/jar all the way to the top. This glitter is also available as part of our Astrology Glitter Series Set.

All of our Glitter products are manufactured and bottled in the UK and have been tested as safe for use in the cosmetics industry.