Fashionista 12 Stamping Plate - MoYou London

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Meet Coco! Mix & match. Gather Inspiration, patterns and crafty ideas. Fashion is a way for us to play with the world and rearrange it to our liking.

  • MoYou-London Fashionista 16 includes 12 different designs, each measuring 1.5 x 2cm.
  • The stainless steel plate measures 6.5 x 12.5cm and has a vinyl backing for increased ease of use.
  • Each plate comes in its own branded protective sleeve.
  • The designs are engraved on to the image plate and covered with a protective film which needs to be removed before use.

                                                        This item is the image plate only

                                                        What you'll need :

                                                        1. Nail Polish – we advise you use a nail polish that is opaque and has a strong pigmentation. 
                                                        2. MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper.
                                                        3. MoYou™ London Image Plate.

                                                        How to stamp:

                                                        1. Remove the blue protective film.
                                                        2. Apply the Nail Polish of your choice to the design you wish to stamp.
                                                        3. Remove the excess nail polish with a MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper using a 45º angle.
                                                        4. Roll the MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper over the selected design being careful not to use too much pressure.
                                                        5. Transfer the design by rolling the MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper over your nail.
                                                        6. Apply a top coat for a longer-lasting result.