Justice - Divination Glass - Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml

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Justice - Divination Glass has an amazing Gold magnetic pigment that sits in a translucent Plum gel polish that when applied and when manipulated with magnets can create some simple to achieve, but effective and amazing nail art styles.

Justice is a great if you have acted with kindness and fairness towards others and, especially, if you have been a victim. It is a significant indicator of a positive resolution. If you have been unfair, abusive, or otherwise shady and immoral in your dealings, though, pay heed. In neutral cases, it may simply be telling you to seek out balance in your life.


  • Apply over Base Coat. Use magnets to create desired effect.
  • Cure with LED or UV light (do NOT apply directly to the natural nail).
  • LED Cure Time - 30 Seconds. UV Cure Time - 2 Minutes.
  • Complete with Gel Polish Top Coat/Non-Wipe Top Coat.