Star Multi-Size Glitter Collection - Full Set

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Can't decide which one of our amazing Star Multi-Size Glitter Collection to buy, no problem why not have them all.

10g Glitters included in this set:

  • 1 x Aldebaran - Red Holographic
  • 1 x Rigel - Blue Holographic
  • 1 x Sirius - Silver Holographic
  • 1 x Bellatrix - Translucent Iridescent
  • 1 x Vega - Pink Holographic
  • 1 x Capella - Green Holographic
  • 1 x Draconis - Gold Holographic
  • 1 x Polaris - Purple Holographic

All of our 10g glitters are supplied in jars, but the glitter may not quite fill the jar all the way to the top. This glitter is also available as part of our Star Glitter Collection Set.

All of our Glitter products are manufactured and bottled in the UK and have been tested as safe for use in the cosmetics industry.