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Say hello to Mercy!
She's our steampunk specialist, come with her on a journey through time, space, and style. She's all about intricate engines, robots, clockwork and adventure, so take your nails 20000 leagues under the sea or back to the future with her dizzying designs.

  • MoYou-London Steampunk 02 includes 18 different designs, each measuring 1.2 x 1.5cm.
  • The stainless steel plate measures 6.5 x 12.5cm and has a vinyl backing for increased ease of use.
  • Each plate comes in its own branded protective sleeve.
  • The designs are engraved on to the image plate and covered with a protective film which needs to be removed before use.

              This item is the image plate only

              What you'll need :

              1. Nail Polish – we advise you use a nail polish that is opaque and has a strong pigmentation. 
              2. MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper.
              3. MoYou™ London Image Plate.

              How to stamp:

              1. Remove the blue protective film.
              2. Apply the Nail Polish of your choice to the design you wish to stamp.
              3. Remove the excess nail polish with a MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper using a 45º angle.
              4. Roll the MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper over the selected design being careful not to use too much pressure.
              5. Transfer the design by rolling the MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper over your nail.
              6. Apply a top coat for a longer-lasting result.