The Crystal Katana

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We are giving away a bag of FREE crystals with every Crystal Katana.

Using the Crystal Katana you will be able to improve and speed up your "Crystallising" skills with the innovative Crystal Katana pick up tool.

The Crystal Katana comes complete with a silky smooth comfortable wooden handle, is lightweight and very easy to use. 

The Crystal Katana

  • eliminates the use of tweezers which can be frustrating when the crystal slips out of the grip of the tweezer
  • it will not leave a sticky residue unlike the traditional wax jewel setters
  • it comes complete with a handy positioner which enables you to move the crystals into position securely

The tool has two ends, a wax end to pick up the crystals and a metal end to push the crystal in place ensuring a secure bond between crystal glue and surface.

If you are a nail artist/technician and offer nail art to your client and struggle to pick up crystals, rhinestone, gems and studs etc, then the Crystal Katana is the tool for you. 

One end of the Crystal Katana is made from premium jewellers wax which leaves minimal residue on crystals, rhinestones, embellishments stones and studs compared to other tools on the market, eg wax pens.

It is so easy to use, with a light hand it picks up and places your embellishment with great ease. It really does shave off time and therefore will save you money.