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2020, April, Cherry Blossom, Nail Art, One Stroke, Step By Step -

Step by step one stroke cherry blossom. Items you will need: Practice Tips I used size 0 Tip Holder (and blue tack to secure tip) Cornflower Blue Velvet Matte top coat Artisan Gel Paints- White, Pink and Brown Non-Wipe Top Coat Size no. 2 one stroke brush 000 Ultra Fine Brush Mixing Palette Base Coat (for cleaning your brushes) Nailchemy LED Lamp Duster Brush Lint Free Wipes Cleanser PPE Step 1 Buff the surface of your nail tip and brush away any dust. Apply thin layer of Cornflower and cure for 30 secs. Apply another layer of Cornflower and cure for...

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2020, April, Dot, Mandala, Nail Art, Step By Step -

Going Dotty Mandala Nail  To recreate this nail you will need: 1 x pre-buffed nail tip (or a natural nail that has been prepped and had base coat applied and cured) A selection of at least 4 different sized dotting tools (our Nailchemy ones are double ended so you have 6 different sizes to choose from) Nailchemy lamp Gel Polish - Onyx, Honeysuckle, Apple Blossom, Cornflower, Tulip Orchid, and Carnation Palette or piece of foil Velvet Matte Topcoat  PPE **About Dotting Tools** Every time you place a dot the dot becomes smaller.  If you want consistent sized dots you will need...

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2020, April, Easter, Mini Eggs, Nail Art, Step By Step -

A classic Easter treat, who doesn’t love mini eggs? What better way to show the love for these bite-size pieces of chocolate heaven than to design a set of nails around them?

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