SDS info

Here are our SDS files for our products:

**Please note that we are transitioning this page to our new formula colours, you will find SDS sheets or legacy/discontinued products at the end of this page.

Genesis Acrylic Nail System

Nailchemy HEMA & TPO Free Gel Polish

Nailchemy FX Gel Polish

Nailchemy - Origin Hard Gel

Nailchemy Inks

Soak Off Builder Gel

Fiber Gel

Aura Acrylic-Gel system


    Other Gel Products

    Glitters/Powders/Pigments/Nail Art


    Legacy and Discontinued Products

    Prophecy Gel Polish (Now Nailchemy HEMA Free Gel Polish)

    Nailchemy Gel Polish (Old Formula Colours)

    Other Products

    Nailchemy Nail Polish system - (Discontinued)