Artisan 4D Sculpting Gel - Blue 8ml

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Artisan 4D Sculpting Gel - Blue 8ml

When working with sculpting gels the main benefit compared to sculpting with acrylic is time, you can continue to sculpt and work your gel until you are happy with your design/creation without having to rush as sculpting gel will not cure until you put it in the lamp.

4D Designs

You may question why we have called them 4D instead of 3D, well this is due to the time you can take to perfect your nail art creations. Unlike acrylic, it doesn't cure whilst you sculpt, it will only cure when placed in an LED/UV lamp.
There are an infinite number of designs that can be created using our 4D Sculpting gels.

LED/UV Sculpting Gel

You can cure as you go, so when you get that perfect petal or design feature you can cure it, then carry on with the rest of your design with no fear of running out of time before it sets.

Product Details:

  • 1 x 8ml Blue 4D Sculpting Gel


  • Apply over gel polish base coat/colour coat.
  • Apply Sculpting Gel colour using tools to create the required design.
  • Cure times: 60s LED Lamp - 2 mins UV Lamp
  • Not required, but you can finish with gel polish top coat.

Check out our YouTube channel for gel paint how-to videos and tutorials.

Customer Reviews

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So easy to use!

First time using the 4d and I was blown away by how easy it was to use!