Artisan Black UV/LED Gel Paint

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Amazing Pigments/Colours

Our Artisan gel paint colours are so highly pigmented and have such great coverage that you can use them as a whole nail base colour as well as use them for intricate design work.

3D Designs

You can use our gel paints to create embossed 3D designs due to their viscosity.

LED/UV Gel Paints

And, if that wasn't enough you can cure as you go, so when you get that perfect line you can cure it, then carry on with the rest of your design with no fear of smudging what you have already done which can be an issue with acrylic paints.


  • To prime your gel paints to get the product out of the airless pump you will need to prime the pump on first use. This may take a number of pumps on the nozzle before you see some gel come out.
  • Apply over gel polish base coat.
  • Apply gel paint colour using brush to create required design.
  • Cure times: 60s LED Lamp - 2 mins UV Lamp
  • Finish with gel polish top coat.

Check out our YouTube channel for gel paint how to videos and tutorials.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Very pigmented gel paint

This is very pigmented and a great consistency for line work. Comes in a great pump bottle. Needs a few pumps to prime it when you first get it but its no problem at all. I have this one, red, silver and white. Planning on getting gold next.

Great pigmentation

Great coverage and perfect for line work, great little pump bottle. Very impressed