Cover Pink - Aura Acrylic-Gel - 30g

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With amazing adhesion and self-levelling properties, you can apply Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel to tips, sculpt with it, or apply it to the natural nail to fill ridges and smooth out the nail’s surface ready for that perfect gel polish application.

Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel will add strength and support a longer wear time.

Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel will last up to 3 weeks without chipping and continue to protect your client’s natural nail plate to help promote healthy and strong natural nails.

  • Available in two beautiful natural shades, a soft white and a clear, Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel has it covered.
  • Cool cure formula for reduced heat spikes.
  • Cures in just 60 seconds (LED-UV Lamp)
  • Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel is a file off product.

*To purchase these products you must be qualified in Acrylic Nails or Hard Gel or an Acrylic-Gel/PolyGel system.

Application instructions:

  • Prepare the nail
  • Cleanse the nail
  • Apply nail prep and allow to dry
  • Apply gel polish base coat and cure for 30 seconds
  • Cleanse your spatula using Aura Slip Solution
  • Take the desired amount of Aura Acrylic-Gel from the tube with a metal spatula and place on the nail.
  • Moisten your gel brush slightly with the Aura Slip Solution.
  • Using the moistened brush, model the Aura Acrylic-Gel into the desired shape.
  • Cure for 60 seconds UV-LED lamp.
  • Cleanse the tacky layer and file the nail into shape.
  • Thoroughly remove dust and cleanse the nail.
  • Either leave the Aura Acrylic-Gel in the original colour or apply gel polish.
  • Finish with gel polish top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

For removal Aura Acrylic-Gel must be filed off.