Dragon Eye Gel Polish Collection - Full Set

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Can't decide which of our Dragon Eye Gel Polish colours to buy, not a problem, why not have them all and save a bit of money at the same time?

  • 1 x Spira - Yellow/Pink shift
  • 1 x Terra - Blue/Green shift
  • 1 x Nyx - Pink/Purple shift
  • 1 x Ferno - Green/Yellow/Pink shift
  • 1 x Raymi - Silver/Violet/Pink shift
  • 1 x Samsara - Pink/Violet/Yellow/Green shift
  • 1 x Dragon Eye Duo Magnet

Available in both 15ml and mini 5ml bottles. Dragon egg and figurines not included.


Apply over Base Coat and ONYX. Use magnets to create desired effect.
Cure with LED or UV light (do NOT apply directly to the natural nail).
LED Cure Time - 30 Seconds. UV Cure Time - 2 Minutes.
Complete with Gel Polish Top Coat/Non-Wipe Top Coat.

Here is a link to all of our Dragon Eye demo videos to show you the effects available from this amazing gel polish.


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