HEMA Free Gel Polish Trial Kit

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HEMA Free Gel Polish - Trial Kit

In our HEMA Free gel polish trial kit you will receive the following:

  • Base Coat - 17g
  • Ultimate Shine Top Coat 17g
  • Crow 8g
  • Dove 8g
  • Ladybug 8g
  • Hollyhock 8g

Benefits of Nailchemy HEMA Free Gel Polish

  • Free from HEMA, TPO & Isobornyl Acrylate.
  • Beautiful Highly Pigmented colours.
  • Cool Cure Formula.
  • 100% Gel Formula.
  • Up to 3 weeks wear.
  • Dermatologically tested

    Customer Reviews

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    I have a handful of clients that could not get any sort of gel manicure due to allergic reaction’s. So after talking through with them they were aware that this was a new product for them! They were happy to go ahead and try this brand! Outcome? They were over the moon to be able to have gel polish mani again. No reaction what so ever! The products them self’s were a dream to work with I’m in love with them! Long term this is the brand I’m going to switch to as my main product usage for my salon. Postage was wow amazingly quick! customer service was amazing. I’m so excited! you know when you have found the one! Well I have and can not wait to expand and also advertise this company I have talked to a few nail technicians that didn’t know about nailchemy but now they do 😀 The pigment in these gels are great the consistency is just perfect not to thin not to thick but still pigmented. Base and top are just the right consistency and had no peeling or chipping. The brushes are perfect let’s you get a great cuticle application and smooth cover. There is nothing negative to be said. Thankyou nailchemy x x