Nailchemy Artisan Palette

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Nailchemy Artisan Palette

The Nailchemy Artisan Palette is perfect for decanting your Artisan gel paints into and using as a handy paint palette throughout the day. 

Decanting your Artisan gel paints into this palette will enable you to reduce product wastage and help to keep your nail desk tidier throughout the day.

There are 12 magnetic, removable palette pans which is the perfect number to decant all of your Artisan gel paint colours and keep them to hand ready for use.

The palette is designed to protect your gel paints from ambient UV, dust and other environmental factors so that your painting gels will stay fresh and ready for use each time you need them.No more working direct from your Artisan gel paint jars or from a tile, piece of foil or backing paper. 

You can even use the magnetic pans to mix your colours and it will keep your bespoke colour mix fresh. Perfect if you are working on a project like a set of competition nails.

The palette pans are magnetic and removable so can be cleaned easily and they don't move around when they are in their slots.

A must have for your Nailchemy Artisan gel paint kit.

Dimensions: 143mm x 108mm x 13mm, magnetic pan diameter: 26mm

Please note:

The palette pans are not water tight, so if you have decanted your Artisan gel paints into the pans please ensure you keep it flat, Nailchemy logo side up to reduce the risk of your Artisan gel paints running inside your palette.