Nailchemy Mega Magnet "The Meg"

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Nailchemy Mega Magnet "The Meg"

Our brand new Mega Magnet, nicknamed "The Meg" is our best nail art magnet yet, the Mega Magnet can be used to create some amazing and stunning designs with ease. Where previously multiple magnets would be required to create these effects now they can all be achieved with one single Mega Magnet.

Like our other powerful magnet, it has 2 ends that can be used to create very different effects (see product images for examples).

"The Meg's" magnets are covered in plastic making it easier to hold, easier to clean/sterilise and it helps to make it that little bit more durable.

Be careful though as this is a really strong magnet and you will need to hold this slightly further away from the nail to achieve the desired results, our Nailchemists often slowly bring the magnet to the nail from a short distance so they can control the effect better.