Soak Off Fiber Gel - Full Collection x8 Colours

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The Fiber Gel Full Collection contains:

  • 1 x Cameo - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g
  • 1 x Bridal - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g
  • 1 x Cover Pink - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g
  • 1 x Soft Pink - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g
  • 1 x Soft White - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g
  • 1 x White Shimmer - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g
  • 1 x Baby Pink - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g
  • 1 x Glass - Soak Off Fiber Gel 17g

With amazing adhesion and self-levelling properties, you can apply Nailchemy® Fiber Gel to the natural nail to fill ridges and smooth out the nail’s surface ready for that perfect gel polish application.

Fiber gel is a thicker product that contains synthetic fibers with amazing adhesion, it will fill ridges on the natural nail and has a wear time of up to 3 weeks.

Fiber gel can add strength and durability for clients that already have great length natural nails, or if required, a sculpted extension is possible, helping to create a strong, lightweight solution for your clients. You can also float over tips to help with blending, they will add strength and support a longer wear time.

  • Nailchemy® Fiber Gel will last up to 3 weeks without chipping and continue to protect your client’s natural nail plate to help promote healthy and strong natural nails.
  • Primer is optional.
  • Flexible and strong.
  • Contains vitamin E & calcium.
  • Soaking off is easy and fast and can be achieved in just 5-10 minutes helping to keep appointment time averages down for greater profitability.
  • Two complementary colours in Baby Pink and Soft White, they are perfect for creating a baby boomer effect.
  • Formulated specifically for application directly to the natural nail.
  • Cool cure formula for reduced heat spikes.
  • Cures in just 30 seconds (LED-UV Lamp)
  • Made in USA.

Fiber Gel Application.

  • Push back & remove cuticle from the nail plate.
  • Lightly Buff the nails to remove any shine.
  • File/shape the nails.
  • Dehydrate the nails using Nail Prep.
  • Apply a layer of fiber gel onto the natural nail and then cure for 30 seconds.
  • You can apply a second layer of fiber gel and then just cure for 30 seconds.
  • Finish off with either your chosen gel polish colour or you can finish off with topcoat and just cure for another 30 seconds.

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    Game Changer

    Fiber Gel is wonderful stuff! You can use it as a strong base, or build out a bit of length with it. If your gel service isn't lasting as long as it should on some clients who are hard on their nails - give this a try, you won't regret it!