Titanium - Soak Off Builder Gel - Clear - 17g

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Nailchemy Titanium Builder Gel: Add Strength and Durability to Natural Nails.

With superior, next level adhesion and amazing self-levelling properties, you can apply Nailchemy Titanium Builder Gel to the natural nail to fill ridges and smooth out the nail’s surface ready for that perfect gel polish application.

Add Titanium like strength and durability to client’s nails that already have great length natural nails, or if required, a short, sculpted extension is possible, helping to create a strong, lightweight solution for your clients. You can also float over tips to help with blending, this will add strength and support.

  • Nailchemy Titanium Soak Off Builder Gel will last up to 3 weeks without chipping and continue to protect your client’s natural nail plate to help promote healthy and strong natural nails.
  • Soaking off is easy and can be achieved in around 10-15 minutes.
  • Cool cure formula for reduced heat spikes.
  • Cures in just 30 seconds (Nailchemy 36W LED-UV Lamp)
  • Very low HEMA levels <5%
  • Made in USA.

Titanium Soak Off Builder Gel Application.

  • Push back & remove cuticle from the nail plate.
  • Lightly Buff the nails to remove any shine.
  • File/shape the nails.
  • Dehydrate the nails using Nail Prep.
  • Apply a layer of Titanium Soak Off Builder gel (BIAB) onto the natural nail and then cure for 30 seconds.
  • You can apply a second layer of Titanium Soak Off Builder gel and then just cure for 30 seconds.
  • Finish off with your chosen gel polish colour or you can finish off with topcoat and cure.
  • Remove with Acetone.

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