Wine-Soft Pink - Aura Acrylic-Gel - 30g

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Wine-Soft Pink - Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel is lighter, stronger and a lot easier to use than any other nail enhancement.

Wine-Soft Pink is a thermo-sensitive colour changing acrylic-gel.

Aura Acrylic-Gel is not an acrylic or a gel, it is a hybrid system which combines the best of both worlds in a revolutionary all-in-one system that's undeniably better!

Aura Acrylic-Gel delivers strong, flexible, feather-light nails. It is odourless and produces no airborne dust. After curing it leaves only a slight inhibition layer.

Aura Acrylic-Gel is an all-in-one formula for the perfect working consistency, no mixing, no ratios. The odourless formula allows you to work as fast or as long as you want. Great performance for easy, chase-free applications.

The putty-like viscosity assures smooth application, whilst being pinchable for perfect c-curve shapes.

Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel formula combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing exceptional workability without the unpleasant odour.

The filling dust is heavier than acrylic and gel fillings, which means they fall to the table for virtually no airborne dust.

  • Cures in just 60 seconds (LED-UV Lamp)
  • Nailchemy® Aura Acrylic-Gel is a file-off product.
  • LIGHT - and flexible - You won't know you're wearing enhancements
  • STRONG - Stronger than gels for unstoppable nails up to 21 days
  • SAFE - No ugly smell and no airborne dust
  • EASY - Fast application, unlimited playtime, zero chasing
  • FLAWLESS - Suited for everyone from students to experienced professionals
  • Made in EU - developed, produced and bottled according to the Cosmetics Directive

*To purchase these products you must be qualified in Acrylic Nails or Hard Gel or an Acrylic-Gel/PolyGel system.

Application instructions:

  • Prepare the nail
  • Cleanse the nail
  • Apply nail prep and allow to dry
  • Apply gel polish base coat and cure for 30 seconds
  • Cleanse your spatula using Aura Slip Solution
  • Take the desired amount of Aura Acrylic-Gel from the tube with a metal spatula and place on the nail.
  • Moisten your gel brush slightly with the Aura Slip Solution.
  • Using the moistened brush, model the Aura Acrylic-Gel into the desired shape.
  • Cure for 60 seconds UV-LED lamp.
  • Cleanse the tacky layer and file the nail into shape.
  • Thoroughly remove dust and cleanse the nail.
  • Either leave the Aura Acrylic-Gel in the original colour or apply gel polish.
  • Finish with Nailchemy gel polish top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

For removal, Aura Acrylic-Gel must be filed off.