Is Gel Polish Safe? Understanding the Facts

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Is Gel Polish Safe? Understanding the Facts

Is Gel Polish Safe? Understanding the Facts

Gel polish has become a staple in modern nail care, offering clients long-lasting manicures with a glossy finish. However, concerns about its safety often arise and sometimes clients can be bamboozled by how the media will report on nail treatments. At Nailchemy, we’re committed to providing not only exceptional products but also ensuring that they are used correctly to prioritise safety and quality. Let’s delve into the details to address common questions about gel polish safety.

Understanding Gel Polish Composition

Gel polish is composed of several key ingredients, including a polymer resin base, pigments for colour, and photoinitiators that enable the curing process under UV or LED lamps. When used correctly, these ingredients work together to create a durable, chip-resistant manicure.

Safety Considerations

  1. Proper Application: The safety of gel polish largely depends on following correct application procedures. This includes preparing the nail properly, applying thin coats of gel polish, avoiding skin contact and curing each layer for the recommended time under a lamp.

  2. UV/LED Lamp Use: CFL or LED UV lamps are essential for curing gel polish. It’s crucial for nail technicians to use the lamp recommended by the gel polish brand. This ensures that the product cures properly, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritation along with ensuring the best performance of the product.

  3. Training and Certification: Nail technicians should undergo proper training to learn correct application techniques and understand the importance of following manufacturer instructions. This helps in delivering safe and beautiful manicures to clients.

The Importance of Quality Products

Choosing high-quality gel polish, like Nailchemy’s range, is essential for ensuring safety:

  • Formulation: Our gel polishes are meticulously formulated to meet stringent safety standards and our HEMA free gel polish range has even been dermatologically tested (more info here), reducing the risk of skin irritation.
  • Colour Range: With a diverse colour palette and innovative formulations, Nailchemy gel polishes offer versatility and stunning results.
  • Customer Support: We provide comprehensive support and education to nail technicians, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to deliver exceptional nail services safely.

Client Comfort and Satisfaction

By prioritising safety and using quality products, nail technicians can enhance client satisfaction:

  • Longevity: Gel polish offers extended wear compared to traditional nail lacquers, reducing the frequency of salon visits for clients.
  • Professional Results: Properly applied gel polish provides a flawless finish that clients love, boosting their confidence and loyalty to your salon.


In conclusion, gel polish can be a safe and rewarding option for nail professionals and their clients when used correctly. At Nailchemy, we advocate for responsible application practices, emphasising the importance of proper training, following manufacturer guidelines, and using recommended UV or LED lamps. By choosing Nailchemy gel polish products, you’re not only ensuring quality results but also prioritising safety and client satisfaction.

For more information on our range of gel polish colours and professional nail care products, visit our website home page and discover how we can support your salon’s success.