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Course Summary

Hot Stone Massage Diploma course (40 CPD points)

If you don't see a suitable date available for the course you want, then email us with your requirements and we will do what we can to accommodate your request. Please book early to avoid disappointment. We can also provide private lessons, please contact us for more details on this.

Locations: See the drop down menu below.

Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Holistic Massage certificate (or equivalent)

Course duration:

  • 24 hours of self-study time.
  • 1-day tutor led practical training. The practical training day will consist of tutor lead time on the theory aspect of the course and a knowledge assessment based on self-study theory learning along with a chance to perform treatments.

Course Cost: £250.00 - £100.00 non refundable deposit to be paid upon booking. The remaining balance of £150.00 to be paid direct to your educator. All course deposits quoted exclude VAT. 

Please see our Course Terms & Conditions for further details about course payments.

Course details

Course Overview
Module 1 - Course Aims and Objectives
Module 2 - Health & Safety
Module 3 - Professionalism & Code of Ethics
Module 4 - Hygiene
Module 5 - Contraindications
Module 6 - Contra-actions
Module 7 - Anatomy & Physiology
Module 8 - Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy
Module 9 - Chakras
Module 10 - Tools of the trade
Module 11 - Patch Testing
Module 12 - Consultation
Module 13 - Set-up Do’s and Don’ts
Module 14 – Setting up your Couch
Module 15 – Massage Techniques
Module 16 - The Treatment routine
Module 17 - Aftercare Advice

What is Hot Stones Massage Therapy?

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a unique massage therapy in which smooth, shaped basalt stones are heated and then used to massage the body. This thermal conduction not only warms the muscles but also influences the energy centre of the body and helps to promote relaxation while balancing the mind.

Unlike most pictures you may see of Hot Stone Massage Therapy, where the stones are just static on the client, you actually keep the stones in your hands and massage with them so the heat of the stones aren’t concentrated in one place on the skin for too long as they could cause discomfort, this is why it is important to keep the stones constantly moving on your client. Thermal gloves are now available for therapists so that the hands can be protected from the heat of the stones when performing a treatment, static stones are used during this treatment, but they are always placed on a towel and never straight on the skin of the client.

Stones have been used in many variations over the years for healing and relaxation. Stones have been used for this purpose when hot or cold. The Japanese were known to have used heated stones to warm their abdomens to assist digestion.

For approximately 4,000 years, the Chinese have been using heated stones to relieve muscular tension and improve the function of the internal organs. In Native American cultures, stones were used in sweat lodges to alter the temperature of the healing environment in the lodge, they also used stones for detoxification and to find harmony and balance. Native Americans also believed stones have souls and when used for healing treatments, they would allow for the recipient to remember lost truths. Hawaiian Kahunas, or medicine people, would heat smooth volcanic stones in the coals of a fire, wrap the stones in leaves of the castor oil plant and place them on the area of the body in need of healing.

Cold marble stones are also very popular and have a variety of benefits, they can be used on their own or in combination with heated stones. On their own, they act as a powerful decongestant to help reduce swelling and to encourage blood flow. When used with hot stones, the resulting vasodilation and constriction encourages nourishing and healing of the tissues.

Benefits include:

  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Can relieve pain and congestion to blocked sinus areas
  • Can relieve puffiness and dark circles to the eyes and improve skin tone to the face

So many different cultures have been using stones for so long because the stones have proved their worth in the form of health and healing within these cultures. The benefits of a common massage, such as improved systemic circulation(cardiovascular and lymphatic), improved musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and digestive system function, and relief of soft tissue restrictions that result from an orthopaedic surgery, a sports injury, or any other injury or trauma are deeply enhanced with the use of heated or cold stones during the session. This is why this treatment can benefit your business.

Hot stones can be used on their own or in conjunction with other treatments, for example:

  • Sports Massage – Pre-warm just one area.
  • Facials – Marble stones to add an extra firming aspect for older clients.

Other benefits you may expect to experience after a hot stone massage may include:

  • Enhanced relaxation of the body and mind.
  • Alleviation of pain.
  • Assist the body in the detoxification process.
  • Reduced stress and improved quality of life.
  • A greater sense of calmness.
  • Heated stones can be extremely effective with sports or over-use injuries.

Some clients, who have regularly received a hot stone massage, have even claimed that after a hot stone session they experience a sense of enlightenment, inner peace, and renewed spirituality.

Benefits of our diploma courses, they are accredited with The Guild of Holistic Therapists and offer:

  • Home study of the theory section of the course.
  • One-day practical training.
  • Easy and fun learning experience.
  • Support from our tutors throughout the course.
  • Accredited by the Beauty Guild allowing you to practice professionally.
  • High CPD points gained with all our courses.
  • Highly experienced tutors who are dedicated to their therapies.

What do I need to bring on the practical training day?

  • Your training manual.
  • Your model.
  • A packed lunch and a bottle of water.
  • Copies of your previous qualifications if these have not already been submitted to us.
  • A jumper for after the treatment. After some treatments the body can feel cold.

Course theory and practical

After you have completed the theory section of the course and answered the evaluation questions these need to be sent to us for marking. At the practical session, you will work through a whole treatment session from set-up to aftercare and be marked on your work. If you pass the course your certificate will be sent to you from our head office with 14 days of completing your course and you will be able to gain insurance with the GHT.

What do I need to do next?

If you would like to enrol on one of our courses:

  • Add the course to your basket and checkout to make your  deposit payment.
  • We will then be in touch with you via email to confirm your course and to arrange dates etc. The remaining balance of £90.00 is to be paid direct to your educator.
  • You will need to complete our course application form (attached to your confirmation email) so that we can enrol you 
  • Once enrolled we will be in touch to confirm the course date/time and to request final payment for the course.

You can still contact us via e-mail: or phone us directly on 01278 459066 to discuss any of our courses.

Please read Course Terms & Conditions before making a booking. Once you have booked the course you have agreed to the course terms and conditions. 

What happens on the day of the practical training?

On the day of your practical training, you will need to attend one of our venues where you will be taught all the techniques required for this therapy. Our classes are friendly and very informative. If you have booked onto one of our one to one practical training days you will need to bring a model with you to work on. Your client will need to have a consultation carried out before the training to ensure they do not have any contraindications. If you are joining one of our group practical training days you will not have to bring a model, as you will be working on your fellow students. Please be aware that our course may consist of mixed gender students.

Further details about our courses:

  • You will need to bring a model with you.
  • Our teacher will guide you slowly through each step of the course in detail.
  • Class sizes are small so you get more individual attention from your tutor.

What happens if I Fail the course? 

If you do fail the course based on your practical assessment you can choose to re-sit the assessment within 2 weeks of your initial assessment date. There is a re-sit fee of £30 per hour to be paid direct to your tutor. 

What happens after the course?

Once you are a fully qualified practitioner and you have gained the correct insurance we suggest.

  • You practice your therapy techniques upon family and friends until you become confident.
  • You contact us via email if you have any questions.
  • You can also return to us for practical refresher sessions or advance workshops.